Tuesday, 27 January 2015  
Snowstorm sweeps northeast U.S., New York spared its brunt

BOSTON/NEW YORK (Reuters) - A blizzard swept across the northeastern United States on Tuesday, dropping more than a foot (30 cm) of snow across Massachusetts and Connecticut even as its impact on New York City fell short of dire predictions.

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President Obama's Bloody Yemen Disaster

Michelle Malkin, Townhall
When President Obama declares something a "success story," you know it has "TOTAL FAILURE" embedded in its DNA.Four months ago, America's King Midas in Reverse crowed about the fruits of his triumphant foreign policy in jihad-infested Yemen. A "light footprint" approach to counterterrorism operations, he claimed, was the most effective path to stability. In addition, Obama has shoveled nearly $1 billion in American tax-subsidized foreign aid to Yemen.Four months later, Iran-backed Shia rebels seized a Yemeni presidential palace. The president and his entire cabinet tendered their resignations...

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Why Stress Makes You Want It More But Enjoy It Less

Life is lived in loops. Here’s one we’re all familiar with: we experience stress; to relieve the stress we do something pleasurable; when that pleasure exhausts itself, we experience more stress. Sound familiar? Psychologists tell us that when we run in this loop long enough, we may encounter something called "anhedonia" - the inability to experience pleasure from things we’d normally enjoy. Does binging on chocolate do it for you? Binge long enough and it probably won’t.

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